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I have a set of regular chef's knives, but there is ONE application for an electric knife that is unparalleled. That is carving turkey or ham, but especially turkey. The meat of a roasted turkey tends to tear, even with a good slicing knife. The oscillating motion of an electric knife does a great job on hot turkey and speeds the process of getting the sliced meat to the heated serving dish and to the waiting holiday table. I never use it otherwise, but for two holidays a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) it is indispensible.


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Oster Electric Knife
Slice Fresh Bread and Meat with the Greatest of Ease!

Electric Knife

Oster Electric Knife +
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Cook'n with Bread Machines
Enjoy the old–fashioned aroma and goodness of home–baked bread made the fun and easy new-fashioned way — using an electric bread machine and this new Betty Crocker CD.


  • Trimming tip for smooth, even slices
  • Precision cutting with stainless steel, serrated blades
  • Stainless steel fork for easy carving
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • Custom case for convenient storage

Don't squish that hot, fresh loaf of bread! Use the Oster Electric Knife and slice fresh bread with the greatest of ease.

The Oster Electric Knife makes it easy to cut uniform slices of the Easter Ham too. Carving tender "just-out-of-the-oven" turkey has never been easier!

The Oster Electric Knife features a trimming tip that allows smooth, even slices; precision cutting with stainless steel, serrated blades; easy carving with the stainless steel fork and an ergonomic handle for comfort and control. Also features a custom case for convenient storage. The blades and fork are dishwasher safe.

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