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Boy Dan, you really are a and your company rock...Like I said before, great product...I downloaded the demo and bought it within an hour...Keep up the great work.


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The Ultimate Internet Filter

The Ultimate Internet Filter Software
Best Price on the Web!

Cybersitter Internet Filter
for Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP

CYBERsitter internet filter CD - $34.95
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

While the internet provides almost limitless resources for learning and entertainment, there are also plenty of things online that make parents cringe. Pornography sites are rampant, and can be accessed very easily, even by accident.

We at DVO have found a solution we'd like to share with our customers, and thats the CYBERsitter internet filter. This software program is a great internet filter that will monitor and filter the internet so that you and your children can browse safely, providing a Family Friendly Internet(TM).

The CYBERsitter internet filter has won the PC-Magazine "Editor's Choice" award three times, and is easy to install and use. Even though the CYBERsitter internet filter has been designed to be easily installed and used by the most inexperienced users, there are plenty of advanced features for power users too.

CYBERsitter provides over 30 categories of filtering making it the most complete web filter available. Filters are updated automatically, and there are no subscription charges. A sophisticated "content recognition" system recognizes and blocks new objectionable web sites even before we know about them.
The CYBERsitter internet filter allows parents to override blocked sites, add their own sites to block, specify allowable times to access the Internet, and maintains a detailed log of all Internet activity and violations. It will even send a daily report to parents by e-mail.

Many kids are much more computer literate than their parents. The CYBERsitter internet filter recognizes this, and the program is designed with this in mind. CYBERsitter has the most advanced anti-tampering functions available. Password protected, the settings you choose cannot be modified by even the most determined users. Advanced security features are available within the program to make it even more difficult to attempt to defeat or override the intentions of the parent or supervisor.

So get the CYBERsitter internet filter today and enjoy a safe internet experience for you and your family!

CYBERsitter internet filter CD - $34.95
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

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