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I'm a reasearcher, the Complete Cristian Collection is a priceless resource, it has helped me in my study so much.

Ivan Alexander

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The Essential Christian Library
Bible Software

Only $19.95 (reg.$109.95)

The Essential Christian Library - $19.95
Bible Reference Library
Limited Time Offer

Authorized King James Version

American Standard Version

Darby Translation

Young's Translation of the Whole Bible

La Santa Biblia

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible

Hebrew/Chaldee Lexical Dictionary

  • Commentary (24 Volumes)

Old Testament Bible History by Edersheim (7 Volumes)

Commentary on the New Testament by Godbey (7 Volumes)

Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans by Haldane

Commentary on the Whole Bible by Henry

An Exposition of Ephesians by Hodge

Tested Bible Studies for Small Groups by Matson (5 Volumes)

Letter to the Seven Churches by Ramsey

Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew by Spurgeon

  • Reference (8 Volumes)

Bible Characters by Carradine

Easton's Bible Dictionary by Easton

Bible Characters by Moody

Nave's Concise Topical Bible by Nave

Word Studies in the New Testament by Vincent (4 Volumes)

  • Early Church Fathers (10 Volumes)

Ante-Nicene Fathers by Cox (10 Volumes)

  • History (2 Volumes)

Fox's Book of Martyrs by Fox

The Life and Works of Flavius Josephus by Whiston

  • Theology (7 Volumes)

Theologia Germanica by Winkworth

Enchiridion – On Faith and Love by Augustine

The Saint's Everlasting Rest by Baxter

Heretics by Chesterton

Orthodoxy by Chesterton

Creeds of the Church

A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom by White

  • Collected Works (26 Volumes)

Edwards, Jonathan

Absent from the Body

The Excellency of Christ

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Finney, Charles

Lectures to Professing Christians

Making a New Heart

Power from on High

Revival Fire

Law, William

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

An Humble and Affectionate Address to the Clergy

An Appeal to All Who Doubt

Luther, Martin

The 95 Theses

The Larger Catechism

The Smaller Catechism

Moody, Dwight

Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders It?

The Home Work of Dwight Moody

Owen, John

The Doctrine of Justification by Faith

Spurgeon, Charles

A Puritan Catechism

Faith's Checkbook

Morning and Evening: Daily Readings

Wesley, John

Collected Works of John Wesley (7 Volumes)

  • Holiness Collection (8 Volumes)

Carradine, Beverly

A Journey to Palestine

Remarkable Occurrences



Revival Sermons

Clarke, Adam

Salvation by Faith Proved

Hills, Aaron

Dying to Live

Keen, Samuel

Salvation Papers

  • Inspiration (4 Volumes)

The Necessity of Prayer by Bounds

The Soul Winner’s Secret by Brengle

The Practice of the Presence of God by Lawrence

The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life by Smith

  • Biography (5 Volumes)

A Biography of Adam Clarke by Etheridge

Charles G. Finney – An Autobiography

The Life and Acts of Martin Luther by Melacnthon

The Life of Dwight L. Moody by Moody

Biography of John Wesley by Dobré

  • Fiction (1 Volume)

At the Back of the North Wind by MacDonald

  • Maps & Illustrations (61 Maps and 48 Photos)

Hammond Bible Maps by Hammond

Photo Album of Religion and History

Only $19.95 (reg.$109.95)

The Essential Christian Library - $19.95
Bible Reference Library
Limited Time Offer

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