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Thanks for the info! That was a great video. We have owned our Bosch mixer since about 1975, so it's a fantastic value costing us only about $12 a year at even the current prices.


I've had my Bosch mixer for 24 years now and it's still working great! Just thought you'd like to know that they last a really long time.


I used to work for Bosch and I know how wonderful their products are. I recommend the Bosch mixer to all my friends.


We've had a Bosch Mixer since 1990 and have never regretted the purchase. Enjoy your new toy! I still thank my husband often for giving me one of those machines so many years ago.


Wow! That video is way awesome. Growing up my mom always had a Bosch Mixer and I think that now her's is about 25 years old right now and still going strong! Thanks for passing along the info and offer.

Laura Whiting

I just have to tell you that I have been using a Bosch Mixer since 1986 and if I have a bad batch of bread it is my own fault. I use it for everything. I also have the food processor as well as the blender. I can't recommend it enough. I hope you keep recommending it on your site so that more people can enjoy it.

Sheila Marsh

Thank you for the email! I have had a Bosch Mixer for 20 years now and when each of my children have gotten married they have always asked if they should get a kitchen aid or a Bosch mixer. I tell them a Bosch mixer hands down. It is by far the better machine. The family has gone in together for wedding presents and bought them each Bosch mixers. I make whole wheat bread in it every week. We love it.


I've had a Bosch Mixer / bread machine / foodmill / meat grinder since the late 1960's and love mine!!! I still do all my quick breads with it and you can never make a bad pie crust!!! I use it for bread doughs even tho' I have a Panasonic Bread Machine--Just like handling dough!!


I purchased a Bosch mixer when my children were young, probably 25 years ago... I absolutely love it, and I hesitate to buy a new one when the old one works so well. I've never felt the need to buy any other mixer because of the excellence of the Bosch.

Mary Townsend

Thought you might be interested to know that I have had my Bosch Mixer for nearly 17years. I use my Bosch nearly every single day. No one can believe that my bread is truly 100% whole wheat because it's so delicious and not the least bit heavy! I can't possibly find the words to recommend the Bosch mixer / breadmaker / blender and the grain mill enough. It has more than paid for itself!!!

Kathie Cocklin

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The Bosch Mixer
Reliability and performance at its best!

Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine

  • Most Powerful Motor in its class
  • Large mixing bowl kneads up to
    12 lbs. of dough.
  • High speed blender harnesses
    800 watts of motor power for exceptional ice crushing, mixing and blending.
  • 3 year motor/ transmission warranty.
  • Free Shipping

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Bosch Mixer

Sale Price: $399.99 Discontinued

With the most powerful motor on the market, the Bosch Mixer Universal Kitchen Machine outperforms all other small kitchen appliances. The large mixing bowl kneads up to 12 lbs. of dough and the high-speed blender harnesses a 700 Watt power motor for exceptional ice crushing, mixing, and blending.

Special attachments eliminate the need for additional kitchen appliances. All Bosch Mixer attachments are dishwasher safe (except drive unit for twin beating whisks). The system includes plastic bowl, dough hook, whips, splash ring, and cover. Exceptional reliability and long service life.


  • 800 Watt Bosch Mixer Motor
  • Large 6.5 quart mixing bowl
  • 4 Speeds + momentary pulse function
  • Wide range of optional accessories
  • Cord Storage
  • Durable, easy to clean surface
  • Overload and start motor protection
  • Highest safety standards

Bosch Mixer Accessories
Blender - $119.99
Excellent for hash browns, shredding all types of cheeses fine or coarse & slicing thick or thin. Slice all types of vegetables. Fits Bosch Universal Mixer.(MUZ6TS5)

Slicer Shredder - $119.99
Excellent for hash browns, shredding all types of cheeses fine or coarse & slicing thick or thin. Slice all types of vegetables. Fits Bosch Universal Mixer.(MUZ6TS5)

Cookie Paddles - $22.99
For heavy duty mixing. Thick batters, cookies, candies and more. Made from Delron double the strength of nylon. Mix butter and brown sugar easily. Designed to fit the Bosch Universal & Concept Mixers Model #'s MUM6 & MUM 7 Series. (MUZ6CP1)

Food Processor - $104.99
This Bosch Mixer attachment comes with 5 cutting surfaces in only three blades. The slicing blade is 1/8" thick on the course side and 1/16" on the thin side. The shredding blade is a course and medium texture. The final blade is the potato shredding disc. This attachment also comes with an "S Blade" for chopping i.e. salsa, pie crusts etc. The bowl is 5 cups. Safety feature will not allow you to remove the lid with attachment connected to the mixer! Food Processor fits Bosch models UM3, MUM604070, MUM6621, and MUM6622.(MUZ6MM3)

Meat Grinder - $119.99
This Bosch Mixer attachment easily grinds raw or cooked meat, poultry, and fish, and also grinds vegetables and cheese. Made of metal and rugged plastic, the grinder comes with a stainless-steel 4-blade cutter and a 4.5-millimeter disk. The 4.5-mm disk is perfect for meats and relishes. The grinder is capable of processing up to 4 pounds (1.9 kilograms) per minute. It disassembles easily for cleaning.

Designed to fit all Bosch Universal & Concept series kitchen mixers. If you have a concept series machine-MUM7000- you must also purchase an adapter-either Bosch's MUZ7AD1 adapter or MUZ7WG1 angled gear adapter in order to use this attachment. If you have a Bosch mixer model # UM3 or MUM6, you do not need an adapter and this attachment will fit right on your machine.(MUZ7FW1)

Citrus Juicer - $29.99
This Bosch Mixer attachment juices oranges, lemons, grapefruit and limes wonderfully. The strainer basket has a removable ring for easy cleaning. The pouring spout allows easy pouring without spills. We have done boxes of fruit at a time with great success. Fits Bosch models UM3, MUM604070, MUM6621, and MUM6622. (MUZ6ZP1)

Stainless Steel Bowl Pack - $139.99
The Bosch stainless steel bowl pack is larger than the standard plastic bowl-aprox. 7 quarts. You can make up to 8 1.5 lb. loaves of bread at one time. 8 cups of water or milk & up to 22 cups of flours. Comes with a European Dough Hook. (MUZ6ER1)

Pasta Attachment - $189.99
The Bosch Mixer noodle attachment must be used in conjunction with the meat grinder and can be used to create 10 different fresh pasta shapes. Also includes the brass lasagna disk. Fits Bosch Universal & Concept Meat Grinder Attachment.(MUZ7NV1)

Berry Press/Fruit Pulper - $99.99
The Bosch Mixer Berry Press is a cone type juicer for berries, apples, pears, tomatoes, etc. This Bosch Mixer attachment only works if you also own the meat grinder (MUZ7FW1). Fits Bosch Universal & Concept Meat Grinder Attachment. (MUZJFV1)

Cookie and Pastry Press - $13.99
Make 4 different shapes of cookies or use it to make fancy pastries. You must own the meat grinder to use this item. Attaches to the Universal and Concept Meat Grinders MUZ7FW1. (MUZJSV1)

Nutrimill - $269.99
Better than the K-Tec, Whisper Mill, Ultramill, Magic Mill, Marathon Mill, Millies Mill, All Grain, Grind All, and many more mills. Being in this business, I can tell you that the best mill and the best backed mill out there is the Nutrimill! The Nutrimill texture adjustment dial produces more variety in texture than any other "high speed" flour mill. The Nutrimill is faster and quieter than all the others, and features a very nice one-to-one ratio. Plus the Nutrimill comes with a lifetime guarantee. (760200)

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