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I found your website while searching for a new pizza stone. I found a whole lot more and put it on my list for Christmas. I received the pizza stone, pizza cutter, tamale steamer, and tortilla maker. All of the products are top notch. While my sister-in-law was on the site ordering, she found things that she really liked and purchased for herself.

I would first like to congratulate you on holding true in your morals while your company grew. I really appreciate business' that put a great product out at a good value while keeping priorities that are truly important; people. I work for a multi-billion dollar company that could care less about the front line workers and have no problem telling us just that.

Thank you for doing it right. I will continue to support your website and refer it to all of my friends. Good luck and peace to you and your family in the future.


Shawn Mason

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Dan in the Dominican Republic

Here are some Photos I took while serving a two-year mission in the D.R.

The poor living conditions were like nothing I could have imagined.

These humble people build little shacks where ever they can.

Here I am holding up the walls.

I often left homes like these with cobwebs in my hair!

I did have some fun too! I learned to ride a bike backwards!

I don't think I could even lift this with my arms let alone carry it on my head!

We visited people in every part...from the jungles... the beaches

I came to love the people with all my heart.

I even baptized some of them in the ocean!

What a beautiful land and a super, humble people.

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