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Okay… so I procrastinated just a little bit… I kept putting off joining the cook’n club for years. Today I gave in. Man, am I having a BLAST!

Love the software so much I bought a copy for my daughter and installed it on her laptop. I’ve put recipes that we’ve made through the years on my version and I think I can pass them to her for her Cook’n set up. (I’ll look it up… the research and discovery is half the fun!)

Just another fan mail, kiddo!! It’s great, as usual!!



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Is your computer causing you frustration?
Let your Cook'n support specialist help you out!

As we have been remote connecting with our customers, many of them have expressed interest in having us extend our support outside the relm of just Cook'n. So we got the company think tank together and thought, "Why couldn't we offer extra support for your computer?" So that is what we have done!

Now the cook'n support team you have come to know and love is available for computer problems as well. If you need help that does not apply to Cook'n, we will remote connect with your computer, asses the problem, and offer you a free estimate on the resolution. You will still receive the same great support and service you have raved about free for your Cook'n program, but NOW if you need help with anything else, we can now do that for you too.
Estimates based on hour increments of
Only: $49.95
Billing will take place before work begins and will not increase or decrease after estimate is given.

      I Can Help You With:
  • Computer cleaning
  • Maintenence
  • Outlook Recovery
  • Email Setup
  • Installing Program
  • Backing Up
  • Restoring
  • ...for your free estimate contact SUPPORT

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