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Volume II
December 16, 2005

Should Christmas be Outlawed Poll Results

In last month's issue of the HomeCook'n newsletter we asked, "Should stores replace 'Merry Christmas' with 'Happy Holidays?'" Here are the official results:

  • No (523) 92%
  • I don't care (14) 2%
  • Yes (27) 5%
  • I don't know (3) 1%
Total Votes: 567


It is the American way to say it. I do however belive the Goverment offices that close for the hoilday that no longer exsists to them should stay open and work on the paid holiday that is no longer allowed, Jesus's Birthday, Gods son.

I have said for years that the Constitution gave us "freedom of religion," not freedom from religion. This movement is thanks to the group that wants to make our country a secular society, and forget what our founding fathers based our country on.

Why are we catering to one out of ten instead of the other way aroungd? I'm tired of it, We need to take back our rights.

It's time we stand up and quit letting the "few" rule over the majority, just because they are more vocal. Let's not keep our mouths shut so long that we no longer have a say!

Merry Christmas should be kept. In order to respect people with other beliefs, it would be fine to add Happy Holidays.

Yule was the original celebration due to this being the darkest part of the year. Hannukah is a celebration of light. The Catholic Church decided to change Yule into Christmas to celebrate Christ's birth. Still, Yule was the original. I think people should stop finding things to be offended at. 'Love thy neighbor.'

They are also free to say Happy Hannakah; but do not ban Merry Christmas. After all, what holiday are we celebrating? CHRISTMAS

Why don't they get rid of the holiday if they want to get rid of the title?

If it weren't for Jesus Christ there would not even be a "holiday" season with gift giving and everything that goes with it. He is the reason for the season.

I think it's terrible that there is even a reason to have a poll like this.

I would like to know why 92% of the people are letting them get away with taking Christ out of Christmas...Merry Christmas and GOD bless us everyone!

I will NOT shop at stores that do not say MERRY CHRISTMAS . some will not allow the Salvation Army to set up outside their store and I do not shop there either. TARGET in Gainesville, FLorida is one of those stores.

I believe at this Dec month we should be able to wish to one and all Merry CHRIST mas to every one . Jesus Christ is the reason for this time of year

why change a good thing

Christmas shouldn't be outlawed, but it should not be a federal holiday either as not everyone celebrates christmas.

Tell the "politically correct" peope to find something to do with their time. They evidently don't have enough to do.

JoAnn fabrics no longer can mention anything about Christmas. Can't play Christmas music. Employees can't say Merry Christmas. All because someone who does not like this sued them to have them stop. The tail is wagging the dog. We are going down the tube. The majority of the people now must suffer because of just a few. Where wil it end?

I am very deeply offended by all of the anti christian propaganda that is being circulated around America. Why should the majority be offended in order to keep the very minority from being offended?

Christmas has been here for over 2000 years. Why change now. Only Christains are being Discrimination against

This is a sad, sad world when one can't say Merry Christmas. Shame on all of you who want to reap the rewards of Christmas but not respect the true meaning.

Personally, it isn't that big of an issue. There are many cultures around the globe that celebrate something around this time of year. Whether or not they say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" is somewhat of a moot point. Let's not get ultra-politically-correct with humanity now. It's a "six-in-one-hand/one-half-dozen-inthe-other" type situation. To each his own...LIVE AND LET LIVE !!!!!!!

The reason we have Christmas is to celebrate Christs birthday. So if you dont want to celebrate dont.

The actual holiday on the calendar is "Christmas". It is a day of celebration, gift giving, time with family. We are wishing people a Merry time with family on the Christmas Day. This works even if you don't believe "Jesus is the reason for the season"!!

Have we forgotten what the holidays are about? Thanksgiving- giving thanks to God for our blessings; and Christmas-CHRISTmas, The celebration of our savior's birth. I don't care if someone is offended by my Merry C hristmas, because no one seems to care if their bellies or butt cracks showing, swwear words on their t-shirts, or vulgar ear-deafening music shaking the windows as they drive by offend me. Blessings to you all this Christmas!

Christmas is the day the Lord Jesus Christ was born. It should be stated either Happy or Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays is way too general for this Very Special Day/

Why after all the previous years it was okay to say Merry Christmas. Why do we have to change now. It is stupid.

The reason for Christmas is Christ's birth!!!!

I used to work in a store and having to greet customers with a certain phrase is a real bother. The customers usually don't pay much attention anyway.

Christmas is a religious christian holiday. The stores seem to want to capitalize on the material part of the holiday. It's depressing that every other religion is allowed to celebrate their holiday but christians are penalized because someone might feel left out or offended.

I don't think the majority should succomb to the minority, all because it might not be "politically correct". The minority are being the ones who are discriminatory, we need to stand up for our beliefs as well.

I don't think the minority should succomb to the minority, all because it might not be "politically correct". The minority are being the ones who are discriminatory, we need to stand up for our beliefs as well.

thanksgivingis giving and christmas aboutJesus

I live to say Merry Christmas to some people and to others I might say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't think I'll see them before the new year. The expression really is saying that you WISH them a Merry Christmas so why should it change? Every time I turn around someone is trying to rewrite TRADITION---WHY--WHY--WHY? I wish we could go back to saying I like your handwriting instead of I like your cursive. But that's another story isn't it ---or is it?


Christmas is a Religious directive and with the commercialization of the entire symbol, it should be generalized to a :"Happy Holiday" Everyone can customize it from their own perspective

I spend plenty of money on "Christmas" shopping not holiday shopping each year.

Can we say freedom of speech? Apparently not . . .

Taking Christ out of the reason we have Christmas is not good or right. We celebrate Jesus birth not a time for days off work and times be out of school.

that is like taking crist out of christmas

There are many religions that celebrate at this time of year. We need to respect them all.

by the way, Merry Christmas to all

we need to bring religion back into the community's not remove it from everything. TIn this country religion has played such a big part in what this country is supposed to be. When they took prayer out of school, that was the begining of what we have let our younger generations have become.


Why should the minority get their way?


We have the holiday because it is Christmas. This political correctness is getting out of hand

I believe the name of Christ should always be included because without the belief in Christ this world is nothing at all

This has gone way too far!!!

Merry Christmas refers to a specific day, Happy Holidays refers to the entire Thanksgiving through New Years

We celebrate the birth of the Savior at Christmas. To take God out of our lives is to take away from us our life, our hope, our joy!

Remember "IN God We Trust" It is on our currency, always has been! Are there those among us that would also remove this? I hope to shout NOT!

Listen to the people!

There's too many non-Christian holidays at this time of year. "Happy Holidays" sends good wishes to them all, not just the majority

Absolutely not! I'm sick and tired of all this so called politically correct garbage. Apparently it's quite all right to offend Christians. If we all refused to shop these stores, I bet they'd change their minds pretty fast..

I boycot stores that bring out Christmas before's getting so they might as well start the Christmas decorations in June :( :(

Let's all exercise our right to "freedom of speech by saying "Merry Christmas" when we have opportunity

I stopped shopping at Target last year because they don't allow Salvation Army there.

I think this is ridiculous! What next??? Are bibles going to have to be burned! We all have to make a stand on this or we will have no rights at all!!!! Linda Nichols, Charleston, Ar.

We are a Christian country from day one. We can all live together and worship as we please.

I have had it with those who wish to outlaw God and Christmas on the grounds of separation of church and state. To begin with, our forefathers only intended that no church be a state religion. The only ones who achieve anything by this antireligious movement are the atheists. How much better would it be for all of us to have all religious holidays recognized -- whether it be a jewish, muslim, buddists, kwanza or any other. Right now the holiday that is being celebrated is Christmas and so we should be able to say Merry Christmas not some watered down winter solstice holiday Please excuse misspellling and lack of organization in these remarks

I'm tired of political correctness.

Without the birth of Christ, there would be no "happy holiday" to observe!

I can respect the religions and customs of others, let others respect mine.

Way to go Americans!

Muslims, Hindus, etc. don't apologize for their religion in their countries. Why should Christians have to be "Be Politically Correct", so as not to offend people of other religions. This is a Country founded on the Christian Religion & morals. I will not apologize for it my beliefs or hide them from Public view. Thank you for allowing me & others to express this. Judy Woodman

Christ is the only way...

without the birth of Jesus where would we and this country be. I am so thankful we can celebrate this season. How much longer will this be if we do not stand up and be counted .

Nothing wrong with either...don't rule either one out!!!

While I am not a deeply religious person and do not go to church, some things, I believe, best be left alone!

Leave Christ in Christmas. He is the reason for the Season.

leave Christ in Christmas. He is the reason for the Season.

Jesus is the reason for the season!!

It's happening because of the AFCLO is willing to sue schools & others because of religion. US has about 70% Christians. Where is our say of us going? I'm boycotting Wal-Mart because of the same thing. Ellen

We need to target selected stores to show our strength

what happen to free country.

What on earth is RELIGIOUS about the word MERRY as apposed to HAPPY????? I think people who have nothing better to think of these foolish issues. In stead they be thinking about their own problems, for one! trying to make the world into one big stepford family of bigots

Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and a time to come together with family and friends and share in the Christmas holidays.

Here are our social rules and traditions, if you prefer the ones in your mother counrty, please stay put!

People should respect our holidays as we should respect theirs

It is sad to think that we as Americans have to give up our holidays becuase we have become so diverse. It is a blessing to live in a country that is so diverse, but we should not have to change our heritage to suit others. God founded our country...we can't take him out of it!

Merry Christmas is no more christian than "hello". It is just a seasonal greeting!

what is this world coming to ,christmas will always be x-mas.

This is a hot topic and upsets me alot. thanks for taking the vote. it is encouraging to see the results.

this country was founded on Gods princples and values and showuld reflect back instead of worring about being politicly correct

If it wasn't for GOD there would be no world .

Merry Christmas!

We celebrate Christmas as Christ's birthday, not just a holiday


Absolutly Not! No one can expect to go through life and never be offended. If, however, you find yourself being offended by others who are joyfully expressing their freedoms... maybe you should search yourself to see why the happiness of others evoke anger in you.

I agree to give up"Merry Christmas",only if we substitute it with"Happy Christ Birthday".

What are we becoming?,a bunch of block headed puppets on strings? We swear in court to tell the truth-but we no longer swear to God. We let them force prayer out of our schools,the ten commandments and so forth cant be displayed publicly.I fear we are quickly heading towards the day when we will have to hide to worship at all.Other countries didnt lose their rights to worship in a day---just like us,they were taken away a step at a time"Of the people,by the people'...I refuse to believe that the majority of us want Christ taken out of Christmas. Merry Christmas to all.

I do not believe in taking the Christ out of Christmas

Taking Christmas away is like removing the Thanksgiving turkey from the table. Any thought to removing Christmas borders on the ridiculous. We can't send our kids out on Halloween without accompanying them, and now they want us to remove Christ from our most cherished holiday. Just. Plain. Stupid!

Liberal atheists are trying to take over our country. If we don't stand up to them, the country will belong to them!

It's bad enough Coke caved in and replaced Santa with a Polar Bear for cryng out loud!!!!

No! No! WHAT is Wrong with this country?????? What are people thinking or are they thinking??????

So are they going to outlaw Santa next?? Merry Christmas has been going on for hundreds of years and it hasn't destroyed anyones life that I have know or hear of!!! Too much time on their hands...Bah Humbug to them

What is this world coming to?

These must be the same people that want to throw God out of everything. Our forefathers said it all when they formed our constitution. That is what our country is based on. I say that if people don't like the way was founded, then let them go elsewhere. God bless America!!! Let's don't throw Him out!!!

We will be watching those who try and eliminate Christmas. I will take my dollars else where and vote accordingly.

Christmas is Love

Christmas is a variation of saying Christ's Mass the original celebration of the birth of Christ usually at midnight. We can not have the happy holiday if we leave Christ out of it.

Time for christians to NOT be the silent majority

It our Holiday Christ's Birth not a dollar spree

We leave merry christmas because we keep Christ in Christmas

Absolutely NOT!

All the holidays are becoming too comericalized..

This country was founded on Christian and Biblical principles by God-fearing men and women. Why should anyone be apologetic about recognizing the celebration of the birth of Christ in this country? Margaret from IL

Things are just getting to out of hand here.....and it needs to stop and our voice will make it happen...

keep Christ in Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of Christ's birth, thus CHRISTmas. We need to keep Christ in Christmas.

Thanks for the input about Target. I appreciate being informed. Merry Christmas!

I am Canadian and the same thing is happening in my country. I quite realize that both of our countries are ethnically diverse now and will continue to be in the future. But, when new peoples come to our countries they have to adopt our laws and ways and customs. I know that if you went across the oceans to other countries such as India or China and tried to practice some of our customs there you would probably end up in jail or worse. I don't care what people do behind closed doors but when it comes to our tradional customs the prevailing country's customs should take precident. Thx.

They have already taken too much from us. It is time we stopped them cold.

Here's the other side of it, not everyone celebrates Christmas and businesses would like to appeal to everyone. They are ENDORSING Christianity if they have Merry Christmas as the only thing posted or said. These are company policies, not individual policies. It's the same in public schools. Do consider the children who are Jewish, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslim (and on and on) and how they feel if the class goes around telling everyone their plans for celebrating Christmas.


Happy Holidays does not include "Christmas". Without Christ there would be no Christmas anyway.

Don't people know that the enemy is going to try to take Christ out of everything he can?

We have freedom for religion, not from religion and we should guard that.

Please widely publish the survey results.

I Think we should all be able to say whatever greeting makes us happy lets for get being politically correct all the time be nice love all d be able to say what ever holiday greeting

Christians have to speak up to protect their rights. If one chooses to be non-christian, so be it, but christians have the right to express and observe our beliefs. Our country was founded on religious beliefts and with christian values as the guide and basis to our government.

Happy Holidays completely eliminates Christ and that's why we have the holiday in the first place!! It is His birthday!!

To each perso the observance is and should be allowed as the individual sees fit. To those that like it, allow them to say what they will. to those that prefer no to say it then they should not. They can always mutter the come-back of 'Bah! Humbug !'.


Yeah, I will still say MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Boooo Target

Our constitution is all people to believe or NOT believe in God/higher being. I believe that not all the signers of the Declaration of Independence were religious & their was no fight to keep out God in the text. Thanks to these atheists, it will only be harder to have morals, evil is getting help

Tell the 6% to sit down and shut up!!!

Our constitution is all people to believe or NOT believe in God/higher being. I believe that not all the signer of the

I think the stores should say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and whatever some other religions want to celebrate. Freedom OF religion-- and freedom FROM government interference of attempts to control our faith.

it should be freedom of and from religion! i for one am sick of george "the republican retard" bush and his christian taliban trying to make America a right wing christian theocracy!

I want freedom OF religion as promised in the constitution.

The immigrants came to America for religious freemdom, to worship God and now Satan's people are trying to take this away from us! Keep Christ in Christmas!

I do not patronize those who only want to profit from CHRISTMAS but won't acknowledge it.

Stay with the things our country was founded on.

In some communities where there are many people of other faiths perhaps it is appropriate to say "happy holidays", but I don't think it should be a rule, law, or mandated in any way how one greets another...even in a business environment. Let's stop sucking the JOY out of the season with this nonsense and just be kind and friendly to everyone! Good Grief.

If foreign people don't like our traditions, they should leave America. We should not have to abandon our beliefs to accommodate others

Christ in Christmas,not Santa days,not party days

Christmas has exsisted for 2005 years. The U.S. is only 229 years old. Outlawing Christmas is like outlawing gravity. It's silly.

Jesus Christ was born to give all of us the hope of eternal life. Instead of us giving Him a gift for His birthday, He gave us the ultimate gift...eternal life if we accept Him into our lives. To stop saying Merry Christmas is taking Christ out of Christmas. If you take Christ out of Christmas, what and why are we celebrating? For those who do not want to celebrate His birthday, why don't they just treat it like another day? They can go to work just like any other day of the week or do what they normally do if they don't work. As for me, I will continue to say "Merry Christmas" and will continue to celebrate my Lord and Saviour's birthday with the utmost gratitude.

Hope that you plan to send this poll into Congress dear Friends.

Christmas is the one time of the year when people are actually almost guarranteed to be nicer to each other, and its a pity the spirit of Christmas can't stay with us all year round. Merry Christmas to all. Jim

Christmas is the time to recognize that God came into the world in human flesh to die for our sins because nobody would pay the price.

We can't have Christmas without Christ in it and that is why we have this season........JESUS is the reason for the seadon!!!!!

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