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Volume II
November 21, 2004

A Cupcake is Just for You


“A cupcake is just for you. Unlike large cakes, which call for a crowd, a cupcake wants only a single mouth to please. And how it does that is as individual as any relationship can be between an eater and a sweet, whether you eat it icing first, from the bottom up, or sliced like a miniature birthday cake. Fortunately, the extravagance of cupcakes is all in the eating. From batter to baking, they are quicker than cookies and easier than pie.”

--Andrew Schloss
One-Pot Cakes


A Quick Cupcake Tip:

It is usually not necessary to test the doneness of cupcakes with a skewer or pick. About five minutes before the baking time is over open the oven and take a good look. If the cupcakes are wet on top, give them another five minutes and check again.

Once the cupcakes look dry, press on the center, a finished cupcake will spring back but will still feel soft. Do not wait for the cupcake to pull away form the edges of the tin. By the time that happens the cupcakes will be over cooked.

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