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Volume II
June 30, 2004

Lemonade-Ice Cold

Desiri Wightman, RD

Lemonade stand season is here! I visited a neighborhood stand recently and purchased three cans of ice-cold Minute Maid Lemonade for 50-cents a can. Apparently, the day before the children had made real lemonade (well, from a mix), and it didn't sell quite as well as the cans; plus it kept spilling. Their Moms felt a bit frustrated with the sticky tracks to and from the roadside stand and suggested they sale the cans of lemonade instead. I think the children enjoyed success, though, because they told me they'd earned $10.00.

I really have a hard time passing up a lemonade stand. Even on my wedding day, as my new groom and I strolled along the river to the luncheon, we stopped at one. The children, delighted by our dressy tuxedo and wedding gown, served us their beverage with awe in their eyes and "congratulations" on their lips, hardly believing a bride and groom would stop to talk to them and buy a drink.

I suppose I 'm too sentimental about lemonade stands. After all, they are practically patriotic as evidenced by the entrepreneurial American spirit that inspires little children to sit in the blazing summer heat and shout at passing cars "Lemonade-Ice Cold Lemonade!" That spirit drives me to reward the kids with my dime or quarter, whatever the price may be, for their effort in doing something to make money instead of just begging it from their parents. And even though I more often than not pour out the lemonade before taking a sip, I'm glad to promote the small-scale economics of my community. Or, maybe I'm just making up for the bad memory I have of my own attempt at selling roadside beverages. I set up a stand on the Idaho country road where I grew up and sat out at my "grape juice stand" for 90 minutes. Not one soul stopped to buy a sip of my purple ambrosia. Of course only two cars, one bike, and one tractor passed me in all that time.

I'm sure if I had served any of the recipes in this issue, though, all four of those travelers would have opened their wallets! Enjoy your summer filled with the ice-cold refreshers featured here, on Cook'n collections, or from any roadside stand.

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