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Dear DVO, We received the VillaWare Tortilla Maker today. It is a Christmas present for my wife. I marked the outside of the box with her name on it and placed it under our Christmas tree. Well, it didn't last more than about 5 minutes under the tree because she just couldn't stand waiting until Christmas morning to open it. Against my pleading for her to wait until Christmas, she ripped open the box, pulled out the VillaWare Tortilla Maker, and proceeded to make some tortillas! She is so excited about it...... She LOVES it! And it does make wonderful tortillas that taste better than the store-bought variety. She is just delighted with it, and she wanted me to tell you so. Thanks for providing a truly wonderful product!

Mike Gray

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Gingerbread House Kit

Create your OWN edible house!

Gingerbread House Kit

  • Tinplated steel reusable cutters and forms.
  • Easy intructions and recipes
  • Everything you need is inside.
  • LOADS OF FUN for the whole family.
Gingerbread House Kit
Retail Value
: $24.95 
Sale Price: $16.95
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours

The Gingerbread House Kit is the perfect way to build your own gingerbread house. This easy-to-decorate and easy-to-make gingerbread house provides lots of holiday fun without the mess. The gingerbread house kit comes with tinplated steel reusable cutters and forms, a cardboard base, instructions, and recipes. The family will have LOADS OF FUN putting this gingerbread house together.

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