V1:Chapter 4: Sanitation Kits

Serves: 5


6-Gallon bucket with tight-fitting lid
Snap-on type toilet seat with lid
Eight (8) plastic liners (garbage bags)
Two (2) rolls of toilet paper
One (1) canister of clean-up gel (8 ounces)
One (1) large bottle of hand sanitizer
One (1) package of baby wipes
One (1) roll paper towels
One (1) large bottle bathroom cleaner
Four (4) pairs of rubber gloves
One (1) bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
One (1) box of baking soda
One (1) 1/2 gallon of white vinegar
One (1) 2 liter bottle of water (not pictured)



To use emergency toilet:
1. Put garbage bag as a liner into the bucket, snap on toilet seat.
2. Sprinkle one tablespoon of gel into the bucket. The gel will absorb over 100 times its own weight (up to two gallons of liquid). The liquid becomes a gel and will deodorize the toilet contents. The gel is also biodegradable so it is safe to use.
3. The toilet is ready to use. Use toilet paper as usual, but try to be conservative.
4. Use baby wipes or hand sanitizer on hands after each use and dry hands with paper towel.
5. Un-snap the toilet seat and put on the tight fitting lid after each use of the toilet. The key to disease control is to KEEP IT TIGHTLY COVERED.
6. Replace liner and gel as needed.
7. Use rubber gloves when disposing of the liner.
8. Make up a solution of bathroom concentrate as per directions on the bottle. Clean toilet and toilet seat when necessary. This cleaner disinfects, is an antibacterial, is non-acidic and has a nice fragrance.
9. It might be helpful to have a tarp with your kit to use for privacy as you use the toilet.


* Baking Soda: Helps control odor, stops mold, fungus and mildew, is a natural whitener

* Hydrogen Peroxide: Is an antiseptic, cleaning agent for minor cuts and abrasions, and disinfects & cleans toilet seat

* Vinegar: Can control mold, germs, and disinfects & cleans toilet seat

* Combining Vinegar & Hydrogen Peroxide: Spraying solutions of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, one after the other, in any order, kills virtually all Salmonella, Shigella or E coli bacteria. This combination is more effective in killing germs than bleach.

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