05- Glossary

Serves: 5



alla pizzaiola: anything cooked with tomatoes, garlic, and oregano

amaretti: crisp Italian macaroons made with bitter almond

amaretto: almond-flavored liqueur

arancini: fried rice balls with meat or other filling

Arborio: a variety of medium-grain rice from Piedmont used for making risotto

baccalà: salted cod

balsamico or balsamic vinegar: Italian vinegar made from cooked trebbiano grape must the best labelled tradizionale and aged many years in barrels made with various types of wood

biscotti: literally "twice cooked," though it refers to all kinds of cookies

bistecca fiorentina: thick-cut grilled porterhouse steak prepared in the Florentine style

bollito misto: mixed boiled meats served with various sauces, a specialty of northern Italy

bottarga: preserved roe of tuna or mullet that is either pressed and sealed in wax or dried and sold ground or in flakes the best being pressed bottarga from Sardinia

braciola: thin slice of meat, usually stuffed, rolled, and cooked in tomato sauce

branzino: sea bass

brodo: broth

bruschetta: grilled or toasted bread rubbed with garlic and brushed with olive oil or topped with tomato salad

caciocavallo: Sicilian cow's milk cheese similar to provolone

calzone: literally "big sock" pizza dough folded around a filling and baked or fried

capers: the tiny unopened buds of the caper flower, a wild plant that grows all over the Mediterranean, typically sold in salt or in vinegar

caprino: Italian goat cheese

Carnaroli: a medium-grain rice preferred by many cooks for making risotto

carpaccio: thin slices of raw veal or beef, served cold with a pink sauce also, by association, thin slices of vegetables and fresh or smoked fish, served cold with a dressing

cassata: Sicilian cake layered with ricotta cream

crespelle: crepes

cotechino: a large, preserved sausage, often served with lentils or mashed potatoes

crostata: a sweet or savory tart

crostini: toasted bread topped with cheese, vegetables, pâté, etc., usually served as an appetizer

diavolicchi, also known as diavolilli: literally "little devils" tiny dried hot chilies

dolci di cucchiaio: desserts such as custards, puddings, etc., that are eaten with a spoon

enoteca: a bar or store with a large selection of wines

fagioli secchi: dried beans

fagiolini: green beans

farro: an ancient grain similar to wheat, spelt, and emmer, eaten whole in salads or soups or ground into flour

fennel pollen: ground dried fennel used to season pork and other meats in Tuscany

fettuccine: narrow ribbons of fresh or dried egg pasta

fettuccine di frittata: "noodles" made from cooked eggs

finocchiona: Tuscan salame flavored with fennel seeds

focaccia: flatbread seasoned with olive oil and salt can also be baked with herbs, olives, onions, tomatoes, etc.

Fontina Valle d'Aosta: creamy, semifirm cow's milk cheese that melts beautifully good for cooking and eating

forno: oven

fragoline del bosco: tiny Alpine strawberries

freselle: hard black pepper-flavored biscuits to soak and serve as a base for stews or salad

frittata: flat omelet

fruttivendolo: produce vendor

giardiniera: mixed pickled vegetables often sold in jars

gorgonzola: blue-veined cheese from Lombardy used for cooking and eating

gnocchi: dumplings eaten with a sauce or in broth, most often made with potatoes, but also with bread, squash, or other ingredients

grana: a crumbly cheese suitable for grating

granita di caffè: coffee ice dessert

Grana Padano: a type of cow's milk grana cheese

grappa: spirits made from distilled grape seeds, skins, and pulp left after the juice has been pressed out for wine

grissini: breadsticks

involtini: small stuffed meat rolls

lenticchie di Castelluccio: tiny, flavorful lentils from Umbria

luganega: long, thin, fresh sausages

manicotti: baked crepes or pasta tubes with a cheese filling

mascarpone: creamy, soft, and mild cheese from Lombardy used for pasta and desserts

minestra: soup

montasio : cow's milk cheese from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, mild when young and sharp when aged

mortadella : large cured pork sausage made with finely ground spiced meat

mostarda: fruits preserved in mustard syrup

mosto cotto: grape juice cooked to form a thick dark syrup, used to flavor desserts

mozzarella: semifirm cheese from Campania made with either cow's milk or water-buffalo's milk

Nutella: a popular jarred chocolate hazelnut spread, which is the equivalent of peanut butter for Italian children

orata: gilt head bream

orzo: barley in Italy, though a small, seed-shaped pasta in the United States

orzotto: barley cooked like risotto

osteria: an informal Italian restaurant

ovoli: a type of wild mushroom

pancetta: unsmoked Italian bacon made from pork belly seasoned with salt, pepper, and sometimes spices, tightly rolled and cured in salt

pan di Spagna: sponge cake

pane a cassetta: sliced white bread

panettone: a yeast risen cake with dried fruits originally from Milan, but now eaten all over Italy especially at Christmas

paninoteca: an informal restaurant that features sandwiches

panino: either a round roll or a sandwich made on such a roll

panna cotta: literally "cooked cream" gelled heavy cream usually served with a fruit or chocolate sauce

Parmigiano-Reggiano: a partially skimmed cow's milk cheese made exclusively around the cities of Reggio-Emilia and Parma, aged about 18 months, used for both cooking and eating

pasta: literally "paste" it can refer to any type of dough or foods made from dough, including noodles, dumplings, and pastries

pasta frolla: pastry dough

pasticceria: pastry shop

pecorino: any cheese made from sheep's milk, typically from Tuscany, Umbria, or southern Italy, excellent for eating when young and semifirm used for grating when older.

Pecorino Romano: firm aged sheep's milk cheese made around Rome and in Sardinia

peperoncino: any type of small fresh or dried chile

pesce azzurro: any type of dark-fleshed fish

pesto: any type of sauce made with mashed ingredients basil pesto is the best known

piadina: a flatbread from Emilia-Romagna

pizza bianca: pizza dough baked with olive oil, cheese, or other toppings, but no tomatoes

pizza dolce: cake or sweet bread

pizzelle: lacy wafer cookie

polenta: white or yellow corn meal mush, served soft like mashed potatoes or sliced, then grilled or fried

porchetta: whole roast pig cooked with herbs and garlic

porcini: meaty wild mushrooms

prosciutto: cured unsmoked Italian ham

provolone: piquant firm cow's milk cheese originally from Sicily

puntarella: pale green and white shoots of Catalan chicory, a favorite Roman salad green in springtime, served with anchovy and garlic dressing

ragù: meat sauce for pasta

rana pescatrice: monkfish

rapini: one of several names for broccoli rabe

ribollita: Tuscan bread and vegetable soup

ricotta: soft fresh cheese made from sheep's or cow's milk, used for pasta and desserts

risotto: rice cooked and stirred with broth and flavorings until creamy

risotto al salto: crisp risotto pancake

robiola: a soft fresh cheese from Piedmont usually made from cow's milk, though sometimes blended with sheep's or goat's milk

rollatini: small stuffed meat rolls, usually cooked in a sauce

rughetta: Italian arugula

salame: ground meat cured with salt and spices shaped like a sausage

salsa balsamella: white sauce made from milk, flour, and butter

salsicce: sausages

salumi: collective name for salame, prosciutto, mortadella, and other cured meats

scaloppine: a small, thin slice of meat. A cutlet

seppia: cuttlefish

sfinciuni: Sicilian onion and anchovy thick-crust pizza

sfogliatelle: Neapolitan pastry filled with ricotta, semolina, and orange zest

soffritto: a flavoring base, usually made with onions, celery, peppers, and meat sautéed in oil

sopressata: a type of salame

spiedini: anything cooked on a skewer

stoccofisso: dried salt cod

tagliarini: very thin fresh egg pasta ribbons

tagliatelle: fresh pasta ribbons similar to fettuccine

taleggio: an aromatic, flavorful soft cow's milk cheese from Lombardy

taralli: round sweet or savory biscuits from southern Italy

tonno: tuna fish

torrone: either nougat or hard caramel candy made with nuts or sesame seeds

torta: a sweet or savory layered cake or other dessert

tramezzino: thin Roman sandwich made on white bread with crusts removed

trota: trout

tartufi: truffles, black or white varieties of a mushroom family, rare and very expensive, that grow underground near tree roots, especially in Piedmont and Umbria, and are located for harvesting by specially trained dogs

ventresca di tonno: tuna belly preserved in olive oil

Vialone Nano: a variety of medium-grain rice used for making risotto

vongole: small hard-shell clams

zabaglione: whipped egg custard flavored with sugar and wine, served as a dessert or sauce

zampone: sausage stuffed pig's foot

zeppole: yeast raised donuts

zucca: squash

zuppa: soup

From "1,000 Italian Recipes." Copyright 2004 by Michele Scicolone. Used with permission of the publisher, Wiley Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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